Squid and Octopus Salad from Gloriosos in Milwaukee

Glorioso’s Market. Milwaukee. We go to Milwaukee often enough. And nearly every other time we do, we stop at Glorioso’s on Brady Street. My most recent trip left me coming home with some squid salad for the family members that weren’t able to make the trip.


Years ago (like 16 years) when I was pregnant with my daughter we went to Glorioso’s, picked up some squid/octopus salad. Little octopus, full or just legs and bodies, swimming in an pool of oil and vinegar. The salad and some feta cheese. I was craving it. We sat in the car over our feast, talking and eating. Bite of salad, bite of cheese. Indulgence. However, being that I was pregnant, what was wonderful once is not always wonderful the next time, and so, after a long love-affair with the seafood salad, my taste changed and I can no longer dive into a tub of it and eat my way out.


Though I know it is deliciously chewy fun, my tummy turns a bit from the smell. I can tolerate one leg. Or a leg and some squid. But the oil on my fingers is the worst. The smell and texture combined do me in. I watch the kids as they eat with zeal, oil on their lips and chins, the smell of salad in the air. And my tummy gurgles slightly. Instead I snack on yummy cheeses and meats, waiting for the moment when the salad is finished and I can toss the container, de-oil the table and get rid of all evidence of salad.

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