Tacos Con Carne

Tonight we had tacos con carne. Too busy eating to remember to take pictures, but I assure you they were beautiful.

Chicken and steak, both grilled. They were very yummy. I made a dry rub/seasoning for the meat that consisted of:

(couldn’t tell you the quantities, it was all eye-balled, but will put S,M or L to signify how much I put in)
salt – M
pepper – S
cumin – L
paprika – M
chili powder – L
freshly ground clove – S
ground dehydrated onion – M
garlic – M

I think that sums it up. Generously sprinkled both sides of the thinly sliced steak; grilled. Did the same with the chicken. However, the chicken was a little dry for my taste, so I put it in an iron skillet on the burner with about 1/4 of water, some tomato paste, bit of sugar, the remainder of the seasoning, and some Siriacha, let it simmer down a bit and it was tasty. Loaded up some warmed corn tortillas, little cilantro, lime… rice. Delicious. And now my husband is in cleaning the dishes. Perfecto!!

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